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Monday, July 13, 2015

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Using Uniform in University. Source:

      In school, it's suitable to using uniform, but discourse about using uniform in University become some issue which reaped pro and contra from college students. Now in Indonesia, using uniform only applied by government's college such as military college. Some college students say as "Uniforms seem to be solving problems". In pro side, using uniform in University can make college student more polite, avoid social imbalanced, and can make simple our dressing.
         First, uniform can make college student more polite. Sometimes, we took someone who uses a mini clothes and pants such as tank top, short pants, mini skirt, or other "you can see", notably for woman.  So with uniform it can avoid that and make college student look nice and more polite to seeing by docent. And, it can prevent originality of a student too. Because if you wear the clothes you want, it might show your personality and give you confidence.
       In addition, uniform is used to avoid social imbalanced. Some college students who are have some money to buy expensive clothes, and some other of college students are not. With using uniform, it can make some college students who only can buy cheap clothes not feel embarrassed because all of college students using same clothes every day. So, it results you blend with others too. Because it can blend some aspects of different things of college students such as economic and social.
        Last, with using uniform, it can make simple our dressing. If your university doesn’t have uniforms, you have experienced those days when you couldn’t decide what to wear. It can make simple because you will not pay less attention and you will not spend more time in morning to choosing what you wear.  So it can make you more effective in time.  It can make you develop self-discipline and obedience. You can go to college quicker and you can concentrate more on your studies.
        To conclude, using uniform in University has a pro and contra side. I think it's not false to using it in University because it reaped many advantages such as can make college student more polite and more simple in dressing, and can avoid social imbalanced too. However, it would be much better if university make a regulation to wear a comfortable uniform.


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