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Friday, January 10, 2014

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Ini adalah tugas saya waktu ujian praktik SMA. jadi tentang story telling menggunakan alat bantu apa saja. saat itu saya menggunakan alat bantu berupa gambar ini:
The Crying Stone, A Folktale from West Kalimantan

The Crying Stone, A Folktale from West Kalimantan

The Crying Stone, A Folktale from West Kalimantan

The Crying Stone, A Folktale from West Kalimantan

The Crying Stone, A Folktale from West Kalimantan

ini teksnya..

The Crying Stone

A Folktale from West Kalimantan

            One upon a time, there was lived a poor old widow and her daughter named Darmi, in a small village in Borneo. Darmi was very beautiful, but her behavior was far from good. She never helped her mother work, but always busy preening herself, every day. She always wanted to look rich and beautiful. She didn’t care about her mother’s pain for work to get food.

"Darmi! Please help me work in the fields."  said her mother.

            "No! I don’t want to go to the fields. I’m afraid my skin turns dark!" said Darmi, without looking at her mother.

When her mother came home from work, Darmi asked money to buy her beauty tool. But, her mother ignored it. Darmi was annoyed and choose to preen herself.

            Because of pity, the mother tried to placate. She asked Darmi to accompany her to go to the market to buy some food. Darmi was agreeing, provided her mother walk behind her. She ashamed to walked side by side with her mother who was wrinkled and wear a dirty clothes. Although her mother was very sad, finally she agreed it.

            On the way to the market, everybody admired Darmi’s beauty. Darmi’s appearance was really contrasted with the one walking behind her, that it made people to wonder.

            “Hello, pretty lady. Who is the woman behind you? Is that your mom?” asked a man.

            “No! She is my servant.” answered Darmi with scornful intonation.
            The mother was very sad, but she didn’t say anything. She could understand that her daughter was ashamed. 

Darmi always answered that her mother is her servant, to many people that asked it.

            At last, the mother cannot hold the pain anymore. She prayed to God to punish her daughter. God answered her prayer. Slowly, Darmi’s leg turned into stone. The process continued to the upper part of Darmi’s body. She was very panic.

"Mom ...! What’s happening to me? Mother, please forgive me!” she cried loudly.
            But it’s too late. Her whole body finally became a big stone. Until now, people could see tears dropping from her eyes.  That was why people called it the crying stone or batu menangis.

semoga bermanfaat!


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